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Extended Wear Contact Lenses

If you like the thought of waking up in the morning with your vision already crisp and clear, then extended wear contact lenses could be the option for you. These are also known as continuous wear lenses because they're suitable to wear for up to 30 days continuously, meaning you can wear them overnight.

At we sell a range of extended wear contacts including ACUVUE OASYS, AIR OPTIX Night & Day AQUA and PureVision. It is important to note that 30 days is the maximum wear time, but everyone's eyes are unique and you should always follow your Optician's advise on how long you should keep your lenses in. You should always consult your Optician before wearing lenses for extended periods, as they may wish to set you a wearing schedule.

Make sure you get a copy of your prescription from your Optician so that you can buy your contacts online for a better price at We source all our products direct from top manufacturers to make sure that we only sell genuine products, and we are based in the UK so offer very quick delivery times.