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Delivery and Shipping

My order has been dispatched but has not arrived, where is it?

We apologise if Royal Mail, or any other courier we use, have failed to deliver your order within the quoted time. Very occasionally they may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please see below for what action to take:

Royal Mail Tracked

If your order was dispatched via Royal Mail Tracked, please allow up to 5 working days for your order to arrive. If your order has not arrived on the 5th working day after dispatch and no missed delivery note has been left please contact our customer services team via email at info@nextdaylenses.com or phone 0330 330 8025 and they will be able to assist you further.

Special Delivery*

If your order was dispatched via Special Delivery your items should arrive before 1pm the next working day. If your order has not arrived by 1pm the day after dispatch and no delivery note has been left please contact our customer services team via email at info@nextdaylenses.com or phone 0330 330 8025 as they will be able to assist you further.


If your order was dispatched via International please allow up to 15 working days for your items to arrive. If your items have not arrived on the 15th working day please contact our customer services team via email at info@nextdaylenses.com or phone 0330 330 8025 and they will be able to assist you further.

N.B. Please check that the delivery address you provided is correct.

*You can track your order when you use our Special Delivery service using the Royal Mail tracking link we give you in your dispatch confirmation email.

How long does it take to dispatch orders?

We hold a large stock of contact lenses, solutions and accessories ourselves, which means we’re able to offer very fast dispatch of most products. We ship 90% of orders on the same day when placed before 5pm, and evening orders are shipped the next day. More complex, and tailor made, prescriptions will take us slightly longer to post to you because we will need to order them from the manufacturer.

You can find a reliable estimate of the dispatch date by looking on the product page that you would like to purchase.

What countries does NextdayLenses.com ship to?

NextdayLenses.com ships to the following countries:
Australia Austria
Brazil Canada
Denmark France
Germany Gibraltar
Hong Kong Ireland
Malaysia Monaco
New Zealand Singapore
Spain Turkey
United Kingdom USA


I’m not sure what values to put into the prescription fields

To purchase your lenses you will need to enter your valid prescription on the product page. The first value is Power (SPH) which will be either a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ number (i.e. -1.50 or +1.50). Power can also be ‘0.00’ or Plano, this means that you don’t require vision correction. The second value is Base Curve (BC) which is typically between 8.3 - 9.0. The third value is Diameter (DIA) and is typically between 13.8 - 14.5.

If you have either Presbyopia or Astigmatism you will need to fill in some extra fields. For a toric lens to correct Astigmatism, you will be asked for the Cylinder (CYL), typically ranging from -0.25 to -2.75 and the Axis, typically ranging between 5 and 180. For multifocal lenses to correct Presbyopia, you will be asked for the Additional or Extra Power, typically ranging between +1.00 to +2.50. Please note: On some prescriptions these will be written in word form (i.e. LOW, MED, HIGH).

If a value is greyed-out on the drop down list, it means that this value is fixed for this specific lens.

I have the same power in both eyes or require a different brand of lens for each eye, how do I order a single box?

If you only need vision correction for one eye, you can buy your contact lenses in single boxes. On the product page, you can select ‘Single Box’ just above where you input your prescription. This will remove the field to input a second prescription, and allow you to buy one box only.

What payment options are available?

We accept payment through all major UK credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit and Visa Electron.

We have chosen these options because they provide excellent protection for you while making payments over the internet.

Returns & Exchanges

I wish to amend/cancel my recent order, how can I do this?

To make a change to, or cancel an order that you have already paid for please contact our customer services team on 0330 330 8025 or at info@nextdaylenses.com, and they should be able to amend your order.

Please note: For products that are dispatched the same day, we recommend that you call our customer services team because email requests may take longer to process. If your order has already been processed by our warehouse before we are contacted, we may be unable to change your order.

I want to return an item

We accept returns on both individual items and full orders. For a return or exchange to be processed by us, you must return the item to us in its original packaging, and the product must be unopened and undamaged. Please send items to:

Unit A, Gresham Way
SW19 8ED

Be sure to get a proof of postage receipt from your Post Office when returning your order. We cannot be held responsible for any returns that are lost in transit.

In order to process your return or exchange, it must be received within 21 days of you placing your order with us, as stated in our terms and conditions.

I think my contact lenses may be faulty

Please contact our customer services team on 0330 330 8025 or at info@nextdaylenses.com if you think your contact lenses are faulty. We aim to replace all faulty lenses that are reported to NextdayLenses.com.

Please keep any faulty contact lenses (stored in a lens case with solution) for 5 working days after alerting us to the issue, as the manufacturer may ask for them to be sent back for analysis. To process a complaint with the manufacturer, we may also ask for the contact lens prescription provided to you by your optician and the LOT number (usually located on the back near the barcode) of the faulty contact lens box.

How long will my refund take to process?

Once we have received your returned item, we aim to process your refunds within 10 working days.

Where does my refund get credited to?

All refunds will be processed to the bank account or credit/debit card that you used to pay in the original transaction. Refunds typically take 3-5 working days to show on your statement.

I received the wrong item

We work hard at NextdayLenses.com to provide a reliable and accurate service to all our customers. However in the event that you receive an incorrect item from us, we will post out the correct one straight away (subject to dispatch times). We would be very rateful if you could return the incorrect item to us using our Freepost service:

Unit A, Gresham Way
SW19 8ED

My Account

I forgot my password

If you would like us to send you a Forgotten Password reset email, click on the Forgot your Password? link and enter the email address that you registered with us. We will send you a temporary password. Feel free to call up our customer services team on 0330 330 8025 for further guidance.

How can I view my invoices?

We’ve gone paperless as part of our mission to reduce our environmental impact. You’ll no longer receive a paper invoice with your order. Instead, you’ll be able to view and download your invoices in your My Account section as soon as your order is dispatched. Easy for you, great for the planet!

To get there simply:

  1. Login to your My Account section
  2. Click "Order History" and select your recent purchase
  3. Click “View Invoice”

I wish to change my billing address / email address / account password

If you would like to change any of your account details you need to log in to your account. You can do this by clicking on this link: My Account. Once logged in, you will have the option to change both your details and your password.

Are my card details stored by NextdayLenses.com?

We offer all customers the option of storing their card details securely with NextdayLenses.com to make re-ordering more convenient. Although, if you would prefer us not to store your card details, please uncheck the relevant box on the Payment Methods page. When this box is unchecked, your card details are used for your current order only, and are not stored with us.

Contact Lens Questions

Why are there so many different brands and types of contact lenses?

There are many different types and brands of contact lenses available in order to cater for the specific requirements of each individual. Everyone has unique eyes and will require a specific shape lens, and different lens technology. This is why at NextdayLenses.com we stock such a wide selection of contacts. While there are a wide range of brands and lenses available, you will have been prescribed the type that your Optician believes is the best for you. You should only buy the lenses that you have been prescribed.

How long can I wear my contact lenses for?

At NextdayLenses.com we sell daily, two weekly, monthly and extended wear contact lenses. Always follow your Opticians advice when it comes to how long you should be wearing your lenses. You should always avoid keeping lenses in for longer than your daily recommended wear, or by continuing to use them past their expiry date.

What solution can I use to clean and store my contact lenses?

During your contact lens fitting and checkups your Optician will recommend a suitable solution for the contact lenses that you have been prescribed. You should only purchase the solution that has been recommended to you by your Optician, and consult them before trying any new solution. This is because each brand contains different ingredients to cater for specific needs.

I am thinking of trying a different lens to see if I like / prefer it

Always consult your Optician if you would like to trial a new brand of contact lenses. They will be able to advise whether the lens is suitable for you, and may even be able to offer you a free trial.

Do I need to do anything when I am at my Opticians?

During a contact lens fitting or checkup we suggest that you:

  1. Make sure you’re fitted with a reputable brand of contact lenses that you trust
  2. Request a copy of your prescription to take away with you

Following an eye examination, you should be given a copy of your prescription (in the same way that you would during a visit to the GP). If your Optician doesn’t offer it to you, you can simple ask for it. Don’t worry if you forget to ask, it’s just a 1 minute phone call to request it to be emailed or posted to you.

My Optician won’t give me my prescription. Is that right?

Your Optician has a legal obligation to give you a copy of your prescription once your contact lens fitting is completed. This is Article 26 (2) of the UK Opticians Act 1989:

“It shall also be his [your Optician’s] duty to give the person whose sight he has tested, immediately following the test, either a signed, written prescription for an optical appliance or a signed, written statement that he does not need to wear or use an optical appliance”. Article 26 (2), Opticians Act 1989

If your Optician doesn’t give you your prescription during your contact lens fitting, or you forget to ask, you can call them up at a later time and request it. It be emailed/faxed/posted to you, or some Opticians are happy to give it to you over the phone. Have a look at our “What should be included in a contact lens prescription?” section. The only time your Optician can validly refuse to give a copy of your prescription is before the end of your contact lens fitting, when you are trying a new contact lens.

Prescription Questions

Where can I find my prescription?

You can find your prescription details on your contact lens box, or on the individual blister packs. Alternatively, you can call your Optician who can tell you.

What should be included in a contact lens prescription?

Depending on your individual requirements your prescription will be made up of 3-7 values. Most contact lens prescriptions contain 3 values, the Power (SPH), Base Curve (BC) and Diametre (D). If you have Astigmatism and/or Presbyopia, your prescription will contain up to 4 more values (see below).

Power The Power is the strength of near or far sight correction you require. This value will be positive (Long sighted) , negative (Short sighted) or 0.00 (No power, may be written as ‘Plano’).
Base Curve This value represents the curvature of the back of the lens. Typical values for a contact lens are from 8.3 to 9.0 mm
Diameter The Diameter corresponds to the width or size of the lens. Typical values for a contact lens are from 13.8 to 14.5 mm
Cylinder The Cylinder value represents how much of an Astigmatism you have. The larger the number the greater the astigmatism.
Axis The Axis represents the angle along which the lens needs to correct the astigmatism.
Extra Power The Extra Power represents the added magnification required for close-up vision.
Dominance The Dominance tells you which eye caters for the farsightedness (D) and which eye caters for the nearsightedness (N).

How often do I need to go for a contact lens check-up?

You should visit your Optician ever 12-24 months for a contact lens checkup.

What does ‘Toric’ or ‘for Astigmatism’ mean?

‘Toric’ contact lenses correct Astigmatism. This is when the cornea of the eye is not a perfect sphere, but shaped more like the back of a spoon or a rugby ball. Vision is blurred because the eye cannot focus light onto the retina sharply enough. The toric lens corrects the focus of light entering your eye.

Why have I been prescribed a particular brand of contact lenses?

As everyone has different shaped eyes and specific requirements from their contact lenses. Your Optician will prescribe a specific type and brand of contact lens based on what they believe best matches your unique needs.

I wear monthly contact lenses and want to try daily contact lenses (and vice versa)

Your Optician will take your lifestyle into consideration when prescribing your contact lenses. However if you feel that you would benefit from switching from monthly lenses to daily lenses (or vice versa) we recommend that you consult your Optician to get their advice.

My vision is not as sharp as before, should I change the power?

If you feel like your vision isn’t as sharp as it had been, it’s possible your eye sight may have changed since your last checkup. We recommend consulting your Optician, who will be able to give you a sight test. It’s important that you have regular eye checkups, because if your eye sight has changed but you haven’t updated you prescription, you may be straining your eyes.

More Information

Why are contact lenses at NextdayLenses.com so cheap?

At NextdayLenses.com we buy all our contact lenses, solutions and accessories in bulk and are able to pass on our savings to you through offering cheaper prices than High Street Opticians. Prices may be lower, but we never compromise the quality of our products. To ensure we only sell top quality items, we source all our products direct from the UK manufacturer.

What are your opening times?

Our customer services team are available to answer your calls and emails Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm.

Company information

NextdayLenses.com are a trusted online reseller of contact lenses, solutions and accessories in the UK. We offer top quality products, the exact same lenses that your Optician has prescribed to you, for lower prices than you will find on the High Street. Enjoy the convenience of ordering your lenses online from NextdayLenses.com and having them delivered straight to your door. We pride ourselves in our fast dispatch times, with 90% of orders being posted the same day.

What is NextdayLenses.com’s Privacy policy?

You can find NextdayLenses.com’s privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.

What are NextdayLenses.com’s terms and conditions?

You can find NextdayLenses.com’s terms and conditions here: Terms & Conditions.

How can I contact NextdayLenses.com?

You can contact NextdayLenses.com via email and by telephone.

Free from a UK landline: 0330 330 8025

Save money on mobile calls: 0330 330 3015

Email us on: info@nextdaylenses.com

You can find futher contact information on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Who supplies NextdayLenses.com with contact lenses and accessories?

We source all our contact lenses direct from the four leading global manufacturers; ACUVUE, Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision / ALCON and CooperVision. We source our solutions and accessories from these manufacturers also, as well as AMO who are worldwide specialists in pharmaceutical products. (Note: Links to the manufacturers websites will open in a new page).

Why should I order from NextdayLenses.com rather than another internet supplier of contact lenses?

At NextdayLenses.com, we aim to be completely honest with all our customers, and encourage our customers to be honest with us. We believe that gaining the trust of all our customers and being endorsed by Opticians is far more important than becoming a famous brand, or simply offering the lowest prices in the market.

Please read our section below ‘How do I decide which online contact lens supplier to use?’. This has been written objectively for people who are looking to buy contact lenses online, and does not promote NextdayLenses.com. However, if you believe that NextdayLenses.com fits all the criteria mentioned, then you should order from us. If not, then please let us know why by emailing improve@NextdayLenses.com and we will work hard to fulfil your recommendations.

How do I decide which online contact lens supplier to use?

The purpose of this section is to help you make the best decision for you when choosing where to buy your contact lenses from. You should read through this section if you are considering buying your lenses online. Even if you decide to purchase your lenses elsewhere, we’d like to think we’d helped you to make a more informed choice when choosing your supplier.

Buying contact lenses online isn’t the same as buying a ‘standard’ product, such as a book, online. When choosing an online contact lens retailer, at NextdayLenses.com we recommend that you consider:

  • Does the supplier offer advice on how to wear and care for your lenses?
  • Are the contact lenses competitively priced?
  • Are the contact lenses being shipped from the UK?

When choosing an ecommerce site generally, at NextdayLenses.com we recommend that you consider:

  • Does the website look professional?
  • Are there customer testimonials?
  • Is the telephone number/contact information displayed in a prominent position?
  • Do they tell you why they need the personal details that they ask for during the order process?
  • Does the company have a 100% no questions asked returns policy?
  • Is the company upfront about delivery and postage costs?

If you find a contact lens retailer that you can confidently answer ‘yes’ to all the above questions, you should feel confident that you’re ordering from a reliable company.

I feel awkward about phoning up my Optician and asking for my prescription

At NextdayLenses.com we know that some of our customers find it uncomfortable asking their Optician for a copy of their prescription, knowing that they are going to use it to buy their lenses elsewhere. However there are many reasons that you might need a copy of your prescription, such as a change of address, or a request from a health insurer. Your Optican has a legal obligation to provide you with a copy of your prescription, and most won’t hesitate to give it to you if you ask them.

Glossary of Contact Lens Terms

Aspheric Premium contact lenses for patients with a borderline astigmatism or for those who are just beginning to develop presbyopia
Astigmatism Patients with an astigmatism have an uneven curvature of the cornea in which refractive light rays are bent out of focus, resulting in distorted vision. Those people with astigmatism are usually born with the disorder and it does not worsen with age.
Axis Represents the axis along which the lens needs to correct the astigmatism
Base Curve Value representing the curvature of the back of the contact lens
Bifocal Contact lenses with two or more viewing zones
Cleaning Solution A liquid solution that aids in the removal of debris from contact lenses
Coloured Lens A contact lens with a tint or colour added, to enhance or change the eye colour
ColorBlends Brand name of CIBA Vision / Alcon colored lenses, FreshLook ColorBlends
Cornea The transparent, dome-shaped window covering the front of the eye. It is a powerful refracting surface, providing 2/3 of the eye’s focusing power.
Contact Lens Thin plastic material designed to fit over the cornea for the correction of short or long sightedness
Cylinder Measurement of how much correction is needed for patients with astigmatism
Daily Wear Contact Lens Contact lenses that are worn for one day
Deposits Accumulations of substances (usually protein) onto the contact lens
Diameter The width of the eye or contact lens, measured in millimetres
Disinfecting Solution Used to neutralise any bacteria from your lenses
Protein Cleaner Tablets or Solution Removes any unwanted protein from your contact lenses
Eye Care Provider (ECP) See Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, or Optician
Farsightedness See Hyperopia
Hyperopia A condition in which a person can see clearly at a distance but not up close (Farsightedness)
Monovision Technique to limit the effects of presbyopia by correcting one eye for hyperopia and the other for myopia
Multifocal A contact lens with more than two viewing zones
Myopia A condition in which a person can see clearly up close but not at a distance (Nearsightedness)
Nearsightedness See Myopia
Ophthalmologist Medical doctor who specializes in eyes. Can perform exams, treat disease and perform surgery.
Optician Not a medical doctor, but licensed to fit and dispense eyeglasses and contact lenses following written prescription from ophthalmologist or optometrist
Optometrist (OD) Performs exams, diagnoses and treats disease. In some areas they prescribe, fit and dispense eyeglasses and contact lenses.
Oxygen Permeability The amount of oxygen that can diffuse through contact lens material
Plano Non-prescription or 0.00 (zero) power, typically used for cosmetic wearers
Power See Sphere
Presbyopia A condition in which the eyes lens loses the ability to focus correctly, causing difficulty in seeing up close
Rewetting Solution Used as a lubricant to increase comfort
Rinsing Solution Liquid solution that removes debris from contact lenses in preparation for use
Rx Prescription
Solution There are many different types of solutions, made for different types of contact lenses and individual requirements
Sphere A measurement of how much correction is needed, it is a number between -20 and +20
Tint Depending on the type of contact lens, there are different kinds of tint such as a handling or visibility tint, light filtering tint, enhancement tint or colour tint
Toric Contact lens designed to correct the effects of an astigmatism
Visibility Tint Lightly tinted lenses for easier insertion and removal