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Green Contact Lenses

If you're looking to dramatise your eye colour then green contact lenses are a really safe and easy choice to experiment with a bold new eye colour. is a trusted online retailer of contact lenses in the UK and we sell a wide range of green lenses. Tinted lenses are great for subtly enhancing your natural eye colour, and opaque lenses are a great option if you have naturally darker coloured eyes.

If you want green contacts for purely cosmetic reasons, simply select power zero (0.00) on the product page. You will need to visit your Optician before purchasing your lenses so that you can have a contact lens fitting so you know your prescription.

If you choose to buy online from you could benefit from our really quick delivery times. We dispatch 90% of orders on the same day that they're placed and most of our UK customers receive their lenses within 1-2 working days.