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Multipurpose Contact Lens Solutions

Multipurpose solutions have been specially designed so that they can be used for cleaning, rinsing and storing contact lenses all in one. You can buy them online from the UK's trusted supplier of contacts, solutions and accessories,

We sell a range of popular brands of multipurpose solutions at, such as ReNu by Bausch & Lomb and Options Multi by CooperVision. We also sell them in a variety of sizes. You can buy a smaller size if you are trialling the solution or travelling, and can buy larger pack sizes to save money by buying in bulk.

Remember that you should always follow your Optician's advice when it comes to caring for your lenses, and consult them before trying a new solution type.

Order from and you could benefit from our speedy delivery service. Almost all our orders are dispatched on the same day as they're placed, and most are delivered within 1-2 working days of shipping.