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ACUVUE ADVANCE contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson are one of the most popular brands of two weekly contacts sold at They are made with ACUVUE's unique Hydraclear technology which keeps the eye moist and healthy for a feeling of all day comfort.

ACUVUE ADVANCE also contain UV protection which makes them a good choice if you have a busy lifestyle which involves spending a lot of time outdoors. Although it must be noted that they shouldn't be worn as a substitute for sunglasses because the lens doesn't cover the whole of your eye. ACUVUE ADVANCE Toric lenses are also available to correct Astigmatism.

You can save yourself time and money if you buy your contact lenses online from We only ever source our products direct from the manufacturer so you know you'll receive high quality lenses when you order from us. We also dispatch 90% of orders on the same day they're placed, and most of our UK customers receive their lenses within 1-2 days of placing their order.