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Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions

You can buy your hydrogen peroxide solution from trusted UK supplier, This is a particularly good option for lens wearers who are sensitive to the preservatives in multipurpose solutions. Hydrogen peroxide solution can be used for cleaning, rinsing, storing and disinfecting your lenses.

We advise that you follow your Optician's recommendations on your contact lens cleaning routine, and seek their advice before making any changes to what solution you use. It's important to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide solution is neutralised before putting the lens into your eye. Please read the instructions enclosed with your solution to find out how to neutralise your specific product.

We sell the exact same products as your High Street Optician, we only order them directly from leading manufacturers such as Bausch & Lomb and CIBA VISION. Ordering your lenses, solution and accessories online can save you time and money, and you have them conveniently delivered to your door.